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la 1dx2 ha un 4k nonostante compresso che non mi fa invidiare nessun ml raw 4k che deve poi finire sul web ovviamente. se devo proiettare agli oscar allora forse forse. quello che invece mi fa incazzare è la futura implementazione del 4k non croppato e del c-log sulla 5d4 ! questa sì è la volta buona che butto la 1dx2 nel cesso. One of the best April Fools trolls in the photo industry wasn’t a troll at all which made it that much better. Announced as a joke yesterday to many a rolled eye and “suuuure,” Magic Lantern has managed to add Super 35mm 4K RAW video recording to the 5-year-old 5D Mark III. 03/04/2019 · When Magic Lantern announced that Canon 5D Mark III can record 4K videos on April 1 2017 we have decided not to published and to wait for further confirmations. But recently we got confirmation from our subscribers and users that Magic Lantern firmware is actually working and it allow Canon 5D Mark III to record high resolution video. 05/04/2017 · Super 35mm 4K comes to Canon 5D Mark III in a new Magic Lantern module. They announced it on April Fools which might have had you thinking they're playing around, but actually, it's real and you've been played by Canon all along! Why have. Magic Lantern delivers rough proof of concept that enables shooting 4K RAW video on the EOS 5D Mark III. In what initially seemed to be an April Fool's Day joke, Magic Lantern released an experimental 4K RAW recording build for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

03/04/2017 · I am sure most of you thought it was a clever April joke when a1ex of Magic Lantern team told the world on Saturday that they have made 4K video working on the EOS 5D Mark III. Well, it turned out to be a very clever “April joke”, i.e. using the April joke hype to push a ground-breaking. 26/06/2017 · The information on this page was put together using personal experience of owning the cameras and the superb Magic Lantern Raw Calculator to fill in the gaps in my. Magic Lantern Raw Video – Current camera capabilities, updated for 2017. June 26, 2017. In the 4K/3K/2K crop mode the 5D Mark III is capable of a whopping 3584.

Now, decide if you want to stay with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III delivering RAW video or try some unproven platform that can't come near to delivering these images in high ISO. I'm happy to stay with my 5D3 with Magic Lantern until somebody rolls out a camera that can shoot awesome video AND shoot in-focus hi-res stills at 5 fps. It seems to be Magic Lantern week! Two articles in one week about Magic Lantern – and some people say shooting with DSLRs is dead LOL! After seeing our earlier post about Magic Lantern, Jim Knowlton contacted me about his use of Magic Lantern to create 4k video from his Canon EOS 5D Mark III. 04/11/2017 · En tout cas oui c'est clair c'est une très bonne découverte que je suivais deja depuis un petit moment. On verra comment ca évolue. Comment ils vont associer ca avec les autres fonctions et optimiser le tout pour une utilisation beaucoup plus confortable. Yesterday on April 1st, in amidst the usual click bate Magic Lantern announced a 4K video module for the 5D Mark III. Nobody believed them. It turns out they weren’t joking. So a 2012 camera, the Canon 5D Mark III will now record 4K raw thanks to A1ex and his team. These are experimental / bleeding edge nightly builds, which you can download. It turns out that the "magicians" behind the Magic Lantern project have been able to enable 4K raw recording on the camera that just won't die - the mighty Canon 5D Mark III.

14/05/2013 · Yes, the source for the still above is a 1080p 14bit RAW shot with the 5D mark III with Magic Lantern!!! And here’s a test video showing you how that looks in motion with an article elaborating the work with the camera: LINK. The developers working on the Magic Lantern hack for the Canon 5D mark. Magic Lantern, EOS 5D Mark III’de 4K RAW video çekimi sağladığını sitesinden duyurdu. Başlangıçta 1 Nisan şakası gibi görünen şeyde, Magic Lantern, Canon EOS 5D Mark III için bir 4K RAW kayıt paylaştı. 4K RAW, 5D sahipleri için uzun süredir “Keşke keşke keşke!!!” haline geldiğinden, bu şok dalgası. Magic Lantern are in the process of porting their 3K/4K modification to the 700D / T5i. First the 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern and now the 700D / T5i. Released back in 2013, the T5i was the final Rebel with the old 18MP sensor, before the shift to 24MP with the 750D in 2015. Canon EOS 5D Mark III doing 4K video with Magic Lantern wasn't an April Joke - CanonWatch. Magic Lantern delivered the proof of concept that it is possible to get 4K video on an EOS 5D Mark III. Ground-breaking! Magic Lantern delivered the proof of concept that it is possible to get 4K video on an EOS 5D Mark III.

Canon 5D Mark III gets 4K Video In New Magic Lantern Build Holly Roa, 3 years ago 2 2 min read Magic Lantern has been providing Canon shooters with the features their cameras are capable of but for whatever reason haven’t been officially supported by Canon for years. Magic Lantern now brings 4K video recording feature to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Though it’s now in early stages of development but it’s the real deal. You can run both Canon firmware and Magic Lantern, to some extent, in QEMU. The emulation guide also covers initial firmware analysis and has some reverse engineering tips. If you cannot find a firmware dumper, feel free to ask; just be aware this step won't magically bring a developer to work on it.

The functionality from this page will be integrated in the main builds as soon as all major issues will be ironed out. However, we need your help. Magic Lantern. Mi piace: 116.401. Firmware addon for Canon DSLR cameras, providing enhanced functionality for photographers and videographers. 5D Mark III now shoots 4K and 3K RAW with Magic Lantern. Yesterday on April 1st, in amidst the usual click bate Magic Lantern announced a 4K video. 04/04/2017 · Canon didn’t bring 4K recording to the 5D line until the Mark IV, but the enterprising folks at Magic Lantern have engineered a workaround that enables 4K recording on the 5D Mark III. Magic Lantern says you can expect bugs with this build as it’s still “bleeding edge.” Also, modes with.

4K RAW on the Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern. Close • Posted by. u/Rayanfida. 7 minutes ago. 4K RAW on the Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern. /_NBXfq. 1 comment. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in. Canon 5D Mark III上市後,平面攝影產品開始搶攻動態攝影的市場,現多數人習慣用單. 當我們逐漸遺忘5D3的同時,邪惡的靭體網站Magic Lantern. 的編碼器無力處理整片感光元件的數據,所以裁切後大約會是super35的視角,別覺得難過,5D Mark IV在錄製4K時也. The source saysthis essentially works as a hardware implementation of what the Magic Lantern guys did with software, and actually takes it a bit further. There has been no real confirmation that the EOS 5D Mark IV will shoot 4K video like the EOS C300 Mark II. Although, a. 05/04/2017 · La noticia salta porque han conseguido, a través del firmware Magic Lantern, que la Canon EOS 5D Mark III grabe en 4K. Imaginaos a los felices dueños de este modelo que ven que de repente, tras una sencilla instalación, consiguen una cámara nueva. Pero antes de ir.

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